I don't seek. I find.
Pablo Picasso

It is not uncommon for those who have had a career in creative graphic arts to pursue an artist career afterwards. I have been making paintings with and without frames, long as a sidewalk for my professional career. I experienced my work as being in a tension between architecture, sculpture and visual arts.

In his Norwegian studio, international artist Askeland creates a complex interaction of shapes, colors, light, texture and structure that dances along the surface of his abstract expressionist pieces. Far from being simple studies of, or homage to those elements, Askeland expresses a fantastical complexity in his compositions (gardens, flowers, nature...), made comprehensible by a unified language of line, color and form. His works invite the eye into their depth with subtle translucence.

Member of NFUK

Norwegian Association for Indepentent Artists

-30 years experience in concept development, 

design and Execution of fairs and exhibitions for

companies nationally and internationally.

University in Bergen, basic subject art history, distance learning.

Purchased for private collections in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Spain.

Separate exhibition Sola Culturehouse 2009.

Paintings showing in 19Karen gallery Australia

Separate exhibition Sola Culturehouse 2017.

Represented at Studio 6F Chicago, USA from 2018.

Paintings showing in cafe Solli Brug 2018.

Separate exhibition Sola Culturehouse 2018.

Participated in Karmsund utstillingen 2019.

Participated in Karm√ły utstillingen 2019.

Group exhibition Solli Brug 2020.

Reception/ offices - AHEAD, paintings.

Hegre car offices, paintings.

Reception/ offices - Flex Design, Viborg Denmark paintings.

Dancing with colors 120 x 100 cm  Sold

Acrylic 180 x 160 cm  Sold

Dancing with colors 120 x 100 cm - price on request

Acrylic and spray on paper 50 x 50 cm unframed - price on request

Painting framed - price on request

Yellow morning 150 x 150 cm - price on request

Dancing with colors 120 x 100 cm - Sold 

Dancing with colors 120 x 100 cm - Sold

Dancing with colors 120 x 100 cm - Sold

Fragments on paper framed 100 x 150 cm - price on request

Study tours with the artist group Artour:

1994 - Skagen - Denmark

 1996 - Can Serrat - Spain

1998 - Skagen - Denmark

2004 - Can Serrat - Spain

2008 - Collioure - France

2009- Skagen - Denmark

2012 - Soller - Mallorca

2018 - Port Pollensa - Mallorca

2020 - Skagen - Denmark 

Yellow morning 120 x 120 cm - price on request

Blue 90 x 80 cm - price on request

Blue 90 x 80 cm - price on request - Sold

Yellow morning 120 x 120 cm - price on request  

Yellow 90 x 80 cm-  price on request   

Acrylic 160 x 150 cm - price on request 

     Deposited at RYGR Brygghus.

Skyfall  120 X 120 - Sold

Acrylic 120 x 120 cm shown in Australia 2018 - Sold

Acrylic 70 x 70 cm  Sold

Acrylic 160 x 130 cm  Sold

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